Zentech Awarded Contract

OASES Offshore, Inc. of Covington, Louisiana announces the award of a contract for the design of an "OASES" (Offshore All-purpose Self-Elevating, Self-Propelled) vessel to Zentech, Inc. OASES Offshore plans to build a fleet of these multi-service vessels for Gulf of Mexico and International operations and will commence construction on four of these vessels by year-end. OASES Offshore has retained Pritchard Capital Partners, L.L.C., as its placement advisors.

OASES jack-up vessels are self propelled and capable of operating in 210 feet water depths. They will be equipped with a detachable RIGKIT(tm) capable of workover and redevelopment drilling operations in either cantilever or platform rig bootstrap modes. Each vessel will also be equipped with a 300 ton heavy lift crane suitable for operations while jacked up or while afloat. The large main deck space will be utilized for carrying cargo such as platform topsides, compressor packages, and similar structures which can be easily transferred on or off platforms utilizing the cranes onboard. Each vessel is capable of jacking while carrying 1,000 tons of deck cargo or production modules. OASES vessels will also be equipped with modern fire-fighting equipment and jet pumps for operating as an offshore fire-fighting vessel or jet barge.

The quarters designed for the OASES vessels can accommodate 70 personnel in two men staterooms. Spacious and ultra-modern galley and mess room facilities are also provided. While operating in construction support mode, the quarter's capacity can be effortlessly increased to 200 men by utilizing auxiliary sleeper buildings on the open deck. Safety, electrical, potable water, sanitary, etc. systems have been designed to accommodate these additional living facilities.

Zentech is a consulting engineering company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Other offices are located in India, England, Belgium and Brazil. Zentech's expertise includes design engineering for new build and vessel modification projects as well as on-site construction supervision. This expertise is applied to drilling, crane, derrick, pipe-lay, accommodation, and mobile production vessels as well as fixed offshore facilities.

Having experience with a broad range of clients and offshore projects enables Zentech to rapidly achieve technical solutions that improve the productivity and economics of its clients' floating and fixed platform projects.

In addition to it's core consulting engineering business, Zentech's software division developed and markets StruCAD*3D, StabCAD, FLEXRISER-F-4PC, PIPELINE, NEPTUNE, ZENMOOR, ZENPIPE and LOSTAB. These products are used throughout the world by oil, consulting, and contracting companies in addition to governmental and regulatory agencies.

For further information or inquiries please contact us at (713) 984-9171 or visit our website at http://www.zentech-usa.com