PA Resources Cites Tunisia, Norway's Production Results for July

This report summarizes production and sales of crude oil and gas in the PA Resources Group in Tunisia and Norway during the month of July 2008.

Total production

  • Total oil and gas production in the Group during July 2008 476,119 BOE.

Crude oil

  • Average oil production per day during July 2008: 15,359 barrels per day.
  • Accumulated oil production January to July 2008: 2,734,385 BOE.
  • Total oil production during July 2008: 476,119 BOE.
  • Oil sales during July 2008: 455,821 BOE.
  • Here of export sales 455,821 BOE.
  • Here of local sales 0 BOE.
  • Average sales price during July 2008: 124.85 USD per barrel.


  • Total gas production during July 2008 0 BOE.


  • The average sales price was a record high of USD$124.85 per barrel during the month of July.
  • The new well Didon-7 at the Didon field in Tunisia has been producing since June. The well proved more oil than expected in this area of the field and had excellent test results, but has been choked back for reservoir management reasons in order to maximize oil recovery for a longer period.
  • The well Didon-5 has now been put back into production. The well was shut in prior to start-up of the well Didon-7. The purpose with the shut in was to install new cooling equipment. The production was planned to start again in June, but was delayed due to late completion of installation work. Production from Didon-5 and Didon-7 will now be monitored to optimize combined production.
  • The production on the Didon field has also been affected by the ongoing drilling at the Didon platform. The production well Didon-9 is now being drilled. More information will be published as soon as results are available.
  • The hook-up of the production well EBB-3 in the El Bibane field offshore Tunisia has been completed and test production of oil commenced in the End of July. Further announcements on production rates will be made once stabilized production is achieved.
  • The oil production at the Volve field in Norway has increased. A new production well has been put into production. The ongoing drilling program will increase the production further.
  • Production of oil comes from seven fields in two geographical areas; Tunisia and Norway.