Benefit's Seen from Varco's Electronic Driller

Varco International has released field data showing drilling performance improvement using the Varco Electronic Driller.

The Electronic Driller is the only automatic drilling system that maintains a constant drilling state at the drill bit through continuous pay out of the drill line. This constancy ensures optimum bit contact with the formation, thereby reducing bit bounce and increasing rate of penetration. Equally impressive is the greater well bore quality in wells drilled with the Electronic Driller.

"The Electronic Driller is the only automatic driller that combines ROP, weight on bit, differential pressure and drilling torque to automatically control drawworks feed off, and provides superior proportional braking control that allows for continuous fast line payout," said Greg McLaughlin, product line manager for Electronic Driller. "For conventional rigs, Varco can easily replace the electromagnetic brake with a proportionally controlled plate disk brake, which is required to achieve this performance."

Field data on the Electronic Driller showed drilling performance improvements such as 37 percent reduction of rotating hours, reduced bit wear, improved directional control and enhanced core samples.

"With over 50 Electronic Drillers recently sold, our customers are realizing significant efficiency gains during the drilling process," said McLaughlin.

Varco's drilling system also includes block control functions that provide safer rig operations during tripping. Connection times improve because the Electronic Driller can consistently position the elevator for the floormen and derrickman, which reduces driller stress by helping him with critical control functions.