Fugro Wins Reservoir Characterization Contract from PEMEX

PEMEX has awarded Jason Geosystems an exclusive contract to provide its 3D integrated Quantitative (3DiQ™) Reservoir Characterization technology. The contract is for a two-year period, covering software, support, training and consultancy services.

Following a string of successes in exploration and development using Jason methodologies in Mexico, and after an intensive evaluation of available products in the market, PEMEX identified the Jason 3DiQ Reservoir Characterization software as strategically important software to reduce the uncertainties, risks, costs and cycle time associated with oil and gas discovery and production.

Jason is the world's market leader in quantitative reservoir characterization. Jason's unique software successfully integrates engineering reality with sub-surface modeling. Jason software substantially improves the chance of penetrating a producible oil or gas reservoir by adding valuable information. Jason is a Fugro Geoscience company.