RXT Reels in Ocean Bottom Seismic Contract Offshore Russia

The seismic company Reservoir Exploration Technology (RXT) has been awarded a contract for acquisition of 3D ocean bottom seismic (OBC) data for CentrCaspneftegas LLP in the Caspian Sea.

Under the contract, RXT will acquire seismic data over the Centralnoye field, in the central part of  the Caspian Sea offshore Russia.

The survey is planned to start in October 2008 with "RXT3," and the duration is estimated to be around 180 days, at rates consistent with RXT's annualized projection.

RXT3 has been in operation in the Caspian Sea since operations commenced in Q2 2007, and has previously acquired programs for AgipKCO on the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan and is currently acquiring a program for BP on the Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan.

"This contract complements very well the Kashagan and Shah Deniz projects and further validates RXT's strategy to keep a crew permanently in the Caspian region," CEO of RXT, Michael Scott, commented.