NOV Elmar Showcases New Product, Nabs Major Algerian Contract

NOV Elmar, the leading designer and manufacturer of wellhead pressure control equipment, has opened its doors on its state-of-the-art Aberdeen facility and has announced a major Algerian contract win for its new product.

NOV Elmar’s new assembly facility in Aberdeen, which totals 37,000 square feet of modern and efficient manufacturing space, was opened to leading oil and gas industry figures on August 7th to showcase the company’s products including the Elmar Dual Drum Slickline Truck.

Andrew Douglas, General Manager of NOV Elmar UK, said, "The additional space provided by our Westhill facility has allowed assembly output to rise from $33 million in 2006 to a projected $53 million in 2008. The facility has made it possible for the company to more than double the production of equipment including winches and masts, and also to manufacture greater quantities of large scale equipment such as our new Slickline Truck."

The Slickline Truck, which provides ultimate flexibility for slickline and memory logging operations, is the most recent product to have been developed by the firm. 5000 engineering hours were dedicated to its development representing an investment of approximately $400,000 in engineering time alone.

Steve Smith, Sales Manager for NOV Elmar UK, said, "The Slickline Truck has already secured the single largest order in the company’s 27 year history. An order for twenty-five vehicles consisting of eight Slickline trucks and additional equipment worth $10,500,000 has been secured with Algerian oil and gas company Group ENSP."

NOV Elmar employs 400 people worldwide with global offices and manufacturing facilities in Dubai, Singapore, Houston, Minsk and Perth. The larger Aberdeen assembly facility has helped overall Elmar UK revenues rise by 50% in 2 years, with the local workforce growing from 235 to 265 and a projected 25 additional staff being needed by the end of 2009.

"At least 10% of our workforce is dedicated to R&D and engineering and our experience at the front line of pressure control projects ensures we deliver some of the safest, most efficient equipment in the sector.

"In addition to increased manufacturing capabilities, we believe our facility houses the most advanced pressure test bay of its kind in the world. The purpose built pressure tester can exert up to 60,000 psi of pressure and allows us to test our designs at pressures well in excess of what would be expected in the field."