FX Claps for Larger Net Pay at Kromolice-1

FX Energy, Inc. has reported results of the logs on the Kromolice-1 well in western Poland. The logs from the well indicate a net pay of between 50 and 65 meters. Porosity in the well is from 11% to 22%. Permeability is from 0.1 mD to 33 mD.

David Pierce, President of FX Energy, stated, "The pay thickness in this well is bigger than we expected. Obviously, we are excited about this discovery based upon what we have seen from the drill stem tests and logs of the well. More work is needed before we can determine how meaningful this discovery is. We will continue to provide additional information on the Kromolice-1 well as it becomes available."

The Polish Oil and Gas Company owns 51% of the well and is the operator. FX Energy owns 49%.