JayHawk Wraps Up First 20 in 100-Well Program

JayHawk Energy, Inc. announced that it has drilled and cased the second set of 10 wells of its Cherokee Basin Project, located in Southeast Kansas, which brings the total number of completed wells to 20 of the Company's 100-well program. Previously, the Company had estimated the drilling of these wells to be completed by August 31. JayHawk utilized two rigs in the first week of drilling activity, which improved their scheduled time frame by three weeks.

JayHawk has employed fracture techniques on 11 of the 20 wells it has drilled in this area to date. Another 7 wells are scheduled for fracture treatment within the next week. The first 11 wells are cleaning up and will be evaluated for tie-in to the Company's 16-mile pipeline, which is approximately one-quarter mile to one-mile from the drilling targets. At present, the estimated production rate of these wells is not yet determined, however, that data should be available in the near term. These wells were drilled to an average depth of between 550' and 620'.