ERF Wireless Forms New Division to Service Oil & Gas Industry

ERF Wireless announced that it has recently formed a new Oil & Gas Services Division to address growing customer demand in the oil and gas industry for the company's wireless products and services. Utilizing the resources of its rapidly expanding wireless broadband networks in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, the company is now actively supplying specialized products and services to oil and gas customers through its new entity. The company also announced that John Nagel, an experienced ERF Wireless executive who has been leading the development of this new business initiative, will manage the Oil and Gas Services Division as its CEO.

"As the price of oil and gas has risen in recent months to record highs, so has the demand for wireless broadband connectivity, bandwidth and other wireless services to support field activities," said Dr. H. Dean Cubley, CEO of ERF Wireless/ "Today, the oil and gas industry is eagerly looking for a way to move from its traditional low bandwidth, high cost satellite-based connectivity model to one where true high-speed broadband can be purchased for field operations at a reasonable cost.

"Fortunately, ERF Wireless' strategy of acquiring Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) networks and the development of our regional banking networks has created an extensive wireless footprint covering a large percentage of the most active oil and gas exploration, drilling and production regions in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. By leveraging the resources of our Enterprise Network Services Division and our Bundled Wireless Services Division, our new Oil and Gas Services Division has been able to accelerate its entry into the booming oil and gas market and give the industry exactly what it needs, when it needs it. And, our ability to create multiple vertical market revenue streams by utilizing the same company resources with different customer bases is a perfect example of ERF Wireless' strategy to maximize our ROI from our core of wireless networks."

"Producers worldwide are being driven to improve returns from their existing reserve assets," said New Oil and Gas Services Division CEO John Nagel. "Their need to recover more oil and gas from existing reservoirs in regions like West Texas has never been more imperative. And, when fields are being explored, large amounts of geophysical data must be quickly analyzed by experts back at the main office. The specialized products and services provided by our Oil and Gas Services Division can provide a communication pipeline large enough to accommodate those massive data feeds and do it at a tremendous savings to the exploration company when compared to the same bandwidth over satellite. By accessing additional bandwidth at very competitive prices, oil and gas companies will make significant gains in their exploration, production and downstream processing efficiencies."