PetroWorth Makes Headway on New Brunswick Drilling Operations

PetroWorth Resources Inc. has reported the test flow results from the fraccing of four zones in the E-08 (Feenan #2) well in New Brunswick.

Following a four-zone comingled flow test over a continuous 120-hour period, E-08 flowed at a final rate of 1.058 MMscfe/day (million cubic feet of natural gas equivalent per day) at a flowing tubing pressure of 155 psi and a casing pressure of 347 psi prior to shut-in for pressure build-up measurements.

PetroWorth also reported that the A-63 (Feenan #4) well has reached total depth of 1340 meters and the rig released. Preliminary log interpretations indicate that the well encountered extremely hard metamorphosed Hiram Brook formation rock.

Rather than continue to drill down to the Frederick Brook formation at this location, it was deemed prudent to move to a new location where the drilling would be less costly. The original intention of the well at A-63 (located 14.5 kilometers southwest of E-08) was to drill and measure the shale properties in the SW section of lease offsetting a well drilled during the June of 2000 (Beaverbrook well) by another operator located approximately four kilometers northeast of this location. The Beaverbrook well log indicated approximately 600 meters of Frederick Brook interval with inter-bedded shales and siltstones, which required new logging to properly evaluate.