Mustang Engineering Snags Patent for LNG Concept

Mustang Engineering has received patent #7,318,319, issued January 15, 2008 for the LNG Smart Small Scale, Short Haul concept. The system includes a floating liquefaction unit receiving gas associated with oil production or from a reservoir in a remote location, an LNG shuttle vessel for carrying liquefied gas, and a floating regasification unit for receiving the LNG, vaporizing it and sending it out to a local market distribution system. The concept is appropriate for fields with gas production rates of 75 to 300 mmscfd, floating steel or concrete barges for liquefaction and regasification, conventional LNG offloading techniques and where the distance from the oil or gas field to market is approximately 1,000 to 1,500 nautical miles.

Mustang’s LNG Smart regasification process and liquefaction processes can be used on the vessels, or other popular conversion methods may be employed, depending on client preferences. This is the fourth patent in the LNG Smart series.