PSA Norway's Director-General Calls on Industry to Ensure More Safety

Tragic events and big disasters carry lessons for the oil industry, noted Magne Ognedal, Director-General of the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), who called on it to do more to reduce the risk of major accidents.

“Managements at the various players have a special responsibility here,” he emphasised. “Safety can’t simply be measured by the number of personal injuries reported.

“Managers must maintain an overall view of major accident risk. I firmly believe that the industry can do a lot more in this area.”

"At the same time," Ognedal said, " the individual employee has a personal responsibility for their own safety and that of others. Procedures must be followed.

“It’s simply not permissible to sit back and become nonchalant,” he stressed. “You’ve got to maintain a respectful attitude towards your work. But we can’t only focus on individuals and personal injuries. The risk of major accidents is inherent in the industry. That’s a challenge we must overcome, and it calls for good management.”

Magne Ognedal is opening speaker at the HSE Lunch during ONS 2008.