FX Hopeful at Kromolice-1 Well in Western Poland

FX Energy, Inc. provided an update on the Kromolice-1 well currently drilling in western Poland. Two additional cores have been taken and another drill stem test has been completed successfully. Based on this additional testing, the Kromolice North structure appears likely to be a commercial accumulation. Plans call for one further core before drilling to total depth and logging. Log results are expected in the next week and details will be provided at that time.

"We expect to run logs on the Kromolice-1 well, and have that data available in the next week to ten days. At that time we will be able to provide information on porosity, thickness of the pay zone and other reservoir parameters," said Andy Pierce, VP of Operations for FX Energy. The Polish Oil and Gas Company is the operator and owns 51%; FX Energy owns 49% of the working interest.