Texas Crude to Kick Off Horizontal Drilling at Sugarloaf Block A

Empyrean Energy Plc has provided the following update on operations at the Sugarloaf Block A.

  • TCEI JV Block A # 4 well reaches total depth in the pilot hole section.
  • Encouraging gas shows over approximately 300 feet.
  • Horizontal drilling about to commence along the gaseous interval.

Empyrean has been advised by Texas Crude Energy Inc that the TCEI JV Block A #4 well has reached a total depth in the pilot hole section of 12,756 feet. Electric logs have been run. Current operations are the setting of cement plugs in order to kick off and commence the horizontal drilling for approximately 6000 feet.

The electric logs show an interval of approximately 300 feet of gas shows between 12,400 and 12,700 feet. This interval is encouraging and the horizontal portion of the well is designed to drill laterally along a portion of this interval.

Maximum gas readings reached 1325 units against an average background level of approximately 50 units. Further updates will be provided as significant developments occur.