Rodinia Taps Ryder Scott to Survey Hydrocarbon Potential

Upon completing the interpretation of its Phase One seismic program data, Rodinia Oil Corp. has engaged Ryder Scott Company, L.P. to conduct an independent Estimate of Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of the Company's lands in the Officer Basin.

Management's interpretation of this seismic data, plus existing gravity, magnetic and seismic data, indicates the possibility of more than 12 large closures that range from approximately 10,000 acres to 157,000 acres in extent. These closures contain at least four prospective reservoir horizons, with thicknesses ranging from 50 to 500 metres. A closure is a geological term quantifying a geological characteristic with the potential of being a trap within the associated geological structure.

Several features identified on these closures are classified by management as high risk drillable anomalies. The Phase One program included 986 km of high quality, high fold and high frequency two-dimensional seismic data.

Rodinia intends to initiate a Phase Two seismic program in the Officer Basin early in 2009.