Agbami Project Set to Produce First Oil in September

The Agbami project, of which Chevron Corporation is the operator, will purportedly export first oil in September, according to Reuters.

As stated on Chevron’s website, the Company expects the output from the project to peak at 250,000 bpd, which would make it the largest deepwater project.

Located offshore Nigeria, whose oil fields have experienced hostile attacks from militants seeking to disrupt production, the Agbami project has been delayed twice-over, with production start-up set for June and August, respectively. However, these delays were neither confirmed by Chevron, nor were they linked to the sociopolitical unrest plaguing the region.

Reuters cited a Company spokeswoman  for Chevron who claimed that in mid-July, the Agbami project was in its final phase of hook-up and is expecting first oil soon. Production from this project would contribute to Nigeria’s oil exports, which are estimated at 2.02 million bpd for September, according to Reuters.