Fugro Forms New Gravity, Magnetic Services for O&G Industry

Fugro has created Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services (FGMS) to market its worldwide gravity and magnetic capabilities for oil and gas exploration and production.

Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services is the business development arm of Fugro Airborne Surveys, Fugro Ground Geophysics and Fugro Robertson (marine); and will provide the oil and gas industry with a full spectrum of potential field tools, including unique technologies such as FALCON airborne gravity gradiometry and Fugro-LCT Software.

"The formation of FGMS will allow us to tie together the whole spectrum of gravity and magnetic services -- data acquisition and processing, interpretation, multi-client offerings, and software for marine, land and airborne applications," said Mark Weber, President of the new entity.

FGMS incorporates more than 50 years of gravity and magnetic data acquisition and data processing experience in the field, on board or in country. The company has the largest inventory of marine gravity meters and magnetometers and the largest fleet of geophysical aircraft as well as the widest array of airborne geophysical technologies for potential fields data acquisition. These resources contribute to the largest combined airborne and marine multi-client data portfolio.