Enap Celebrates Historic Production Record in Magallanes Area

An important landmark was reached by Enap Sipetrol Argentina S.A. on Friday, July 18, when it recorded a historic accumulated production of natural gas of over 7,000 million m3 in the Magallanes Area.

This new record occurs just a few days after the full recommencement of production at the AM-1 platform on July 11, and one day before platform AM-5 resumed production, on July 18, a landmark that represents the full start-up of the field following 15 months of work and preventive production stoppage.

In the past few months, the Union Transitoria de Empresas (UTE) Magallanes invested around US$ 70 million in the preparation of facilities and pipelines linking the offshore platforms to the Magallanes Reception Battery (BRM) operated by Enap Sipetrol Argentina, facing the eastern entrance to the Strait of Magellan.

"This production record is very important for Enap Sipetrol Argentina as it shows not only the continuity of the commitment assumed by the Company since its arrival in the country, but also shows its determination to continue operating efficiently," emphasized Salvador Harambour, the general manager of the Argentine subsidiary.

The Mallanes Area field operated by Enap Sipetrol Argentina S.A. began production in 1994. At full production capacity, the field produces approximately 1,000 m3 a day of oil and 2.4 million m3 a day of natural gas.