Petrobras Among World's Top Five Power Sector Leaders

Petrobras is among the world's top five power sector leaders and is the second biggest company in Latin America, according to studies published by Goldman Sachs and by AméricaEconomía magazine.

The financial consultancy’s report took criteria such as return on capital, position in the industry, and environmental, social and corporate governance issues into account. Meanwhile, the biggest Latin American company ranking published by AméricaEconomía assessed financial information of 500 companies.


In the ranking announced by AméricaEconomía magazine, Petrobras appears in second place, ahead of Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA, and second only to Mexican oil company Pemex. According to the study, the Company rose from third to second position, with a 12% increase in sales in a year, topping-out at $96.3 billion in 2007. Petrobras Distribuidora ranked 7th.

According to the publication, if Petrobras maintains the average growth rate it has had in the past ten years (18.63%) in 2008, it is expected to close the year as the biggest company in sales in Latin America.

Goldman Sachs

The consultancy's report highlights Petrobras' strong growth perspectives after the discoveries it made in the pre-salt layer and forecasts one of the biggest cash flow growths in the sector in the upcoming decade. The Company's financial return history is also one the industry’s biggest.

In the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) topic, the Petrobras System ranks among the best. To the consultancy, companies with strong performances in this item tend to be successful in singling out new assets and in generating more return on capital.

In the 2006 report, which assessed 26 companies, Petrobras had been listed among the top five leaders. This year, when the study analyzed a universe of 59 corporations, Petrobras and the BG Group were the only ones that remained in the top of the ranking. Other leaders are Schlumberger, Suncor, and Woodside.