Sentry Taps MBA Petroleum as Independent O&G Evaluator

Sentry Petroleum announced the formal hiring of independent oil and gas consultancy MBA Petroleum Consultants as the Company's independent evaluator. MBA Petroleum Consultants is a leading international consultancy that uses state-of-the-art technology for assessing the hydrocarbon potential of exploration assets. The company also provides Independent Expert Reports for use in listing submissions to exchanges such as the AIM in London and the Australian Stock Exchange.

Dr. Rajeswaran, Sentry Petroleum President, commented, "MBA and its principal founders, Doug Barrenger and Wal Muir, enjoy excellent reputations within the oil industry; MBA is thorough in its analysis and is independent. Their expertise and independence will provide our shareholders, investors and industry partners an unbiased assessment of our assets and potential."

Commenting on Sentry Petroleum's assets, Wal Muir, founding partner of MBA Petroleum Consultants, noted, "Oil and gas were previously discovered and produced at the Gilmore Field. This play in the Devonian sequences of the Adavale Basin has been ignored in recent years, yet is a proven hydrocarbon system. Sentry and MBA are confident that this reappraisal of the basin will lead to drillable prospects being mapped."

A Sentry spokesperson advised that MBA Petroleum Consultants is currently sourcing and loading over 3,400 kilometers of seismic data. These seismic data will then be integrated with the information from wells drilled within and near the permit and interpreted using new ideas for plays developed by both Sentry and MBA.

Dr. Rajeswaran concluded, "Doug has more than 26 years' experience in the petroleum industry and has undertaken all facets of geological work, from wellsite operations to prospect evaluation, risk analysis and basin analysis. Wal Muir has over 28 years' experience in the petroleum industry and specializes in the evaluation of the value and risks associated with exploration acreage. He has specific experience in the Adavale Basin and understands the intricacies of its complex geological setting. His skills in seismic interpretation, risk analysis, play and prospect evaluation will provide Sentry and our shareholders a degree of expertise unavailable anywhere else in the world."