Athabasca Group Switches to The Oil Sands Developers Group

The Athabasca Regional Issues Working Group is now The Oil Sands Developers Group. The name change was sparked by the need for the group's name to more clearly reflect its ability to provide accurate, credible information about oil sands development from a regional perspective in light of broadening awareness and interest in Canada's oil sands - both as a source of energy and a source of potential concerns.

"We will be taking an active role in discussing regional issues and opportunities with a more geographically-diverse audience, and our new name will help those new audiences understand our position in the sector," said Don Thompson, President of The Oil Sands Developers Group. "Having been active in the discussion of concerns in the region since 1997, we know the players and the issues in the Athabasca oil sands region and are well-positioned to share information about these matters."

On behalf of its members, The Oil Sands Developers Group will continue to work with other industries, government, Aboriginal peoples, and other organizations active in the Wood Buffalo region to identify and address regional issues related to development of the Athabasca Oil Sands deposit.

"The change in name will have no effect on our ongoing work with local stakeholders. We remain committed to maintaining those very important relationships," said Jacob Irving, Executive Director of The Oil Sands
Developers Group.

The leadership team for the organization will be the same. Don Thompson will remain President, John LeGrow will continue as Vice President, and Jacob Irving will continue as Executive Director.