Earth Search Sciences Taps Engineering Firm to Test New Technology

Earth Search Sciences, Inc. has engaged Industrial Systems, Inc. (ISI) of Delta, Colorado, to design, fabricate and install the components for a full-scale test of its patented technology to recover hydrocarbons through an environmentally low impact gasification process.

"ISI brings to the table a great team of professionals who have demonstrated experience across the spectrum of oil, gas, chemicals, and mining industries," said Luis F. Lugo, CEO of Earth Search. "We are confident their turnkey capabilities will enable a successful test of our ground-breaking technology to develop domestic energy resources."

Lugo said ISI will be responsible for engineering a full-scale test and commercial prototype for key Earth Search Sciences subsidiary, Petro Probe, Inc., expected to start production within the next few months.

"We have been involved with oil shale since the 1980s and have seen a number of technologies come and go," said Bob Isom, President of ISI. "We are optimistic this innovative technology represents a significant leap forward and are extremely pleased to be designing a system that will prove the technology's feasibility in the field."

Lugo said moving forward with the field test will provide engineering and production data to establish the basic economics that will drive the success of this technology on a commercial scale.

"Our timing could not be better," said Lugo. "All variables favor our project and we expect to yield positive results in a matter of months, not years."