Expro's Sao Mateus Facility Marks Significant Safety Milestone

Leading international oilfield service company Expro has achieved 2,000 days without a lost time incident (LTI)at its Sao Mateus facility in Brazil.

This achievement represents another significant landmark in the company’s Excellence in Operations program and endorses the company’s commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety in the workplace.

The achievement follows the announcement earlier this year when Expro’s Latin America region celebrated more than seven years without an LTI.

Expro's Excellence in Operations program focuses on safety, service quality and customer care, with the clear aim of being recognized as the industry leader in delivering excellence.

Sergio Zubelli, Latin America South area manager, said, "I am very proud of the people who work at this base and we are all delighted to have achieved such a fantastic result.

"It is the worst feeling in the world for a manager when there is an accident at work, so to get 2,000 days LTI free is a great triumph," he continued.

"This milestone is a great example of the Excellence in Operations culture which the Latin America region is embracing. This achievement shows that dedication to quality and safety records are outstanding and can only be accomplished through a real team effort.

"I would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts in not only making the Sao Mateus base a safe place to work, but a place where everyone is focused on being safe," said Zubelli.

Sergio Bastos, Petrobras Contract Manager, added, "On behalf of Petrobras, I would like to congratulate Expro and its Sao Mateus crew on the 2,000 days without LTI achievement.

"I am very happy with this achievement and as I have managed this contract since the start, it is an honor to contribute to this achievement."

Jim Crenshaw, Latin America Region Director, said, "The commitment demonstrated by our Sao Mateus employees to achieve this goal is a tremendous example of the Expro culture we are striving for. This represents the best of our company in terms of leadership, communications, engagement, and commitment to a worthy goal. Expro has a long-standing reputation for excellent safety management and we are very proud of the tremendous results the team continues to achieve."