TransGlobe Places Yemen Well on Production

TransGlobe reports that the Tasour #9 well was directionally drilled to test the eastern flank of the Tasour field extension defined by the Tasour #7 and Tasour #8 wells. The Tasour #9 well encountered the main Qishn S-1A producing zone and a second Qishn zone in a structurally high position, above the known oil/water contact. The well was placed on production into the central production facility and is currently producing at a rate of 7,500 barrels of fluid per day with an approximate water cut of 82% (approximately 1,500 barrels of oil per day).

Additional evaluation work is planned to determine the source of the water production which may be from lower zones in the well. It is expected that the well will continue to produce at the current level which is similar to wells further down the structure. With the addition of Tasour #9, the Tasour field is currently producing approximately 19,500 Bopd.

The Tasour #7, #8 and #9 wells have changed the structural mapping of the Tasour field. The revised structural picture of the field has set up a number of potential exploration prospects to the west and the east of the Tasour field along the southern, bounding fault. Additional seismic reprocessing and remapping work is underway to select new exploration drilling locations for the future. It is anticipated the first of these locations will commence drilling in June 2003 as a potential western extension of the Tasour field.