CNCP Successfully Completes Drilling on Deepest Onshore Well in China

On July 23, well Moshen-1, which is located in the hinterland of the Junggar Basin, was completed while formation testing of the well is ongoing. Well Moshen-1 is the deepest onshore risk exploration well in China with a designed depth of 7,380 m and was completed at a depth of 7,500 m.

By using CNPC's independently developed ZJ90/6750DB drilling rig, the well was drilled by the No. 90001 drilling crew from the Karamay Drilling Company, which is affiliated with Western Drilling Engineering Corporation of CNPC.

The well commenced drilling on August 13, 2006. During the third spud-in section between 4,463m and 6,500m, the drilling crew was confronted with big challenges in mud selecting, oil and gas control, and prevention and handling of troubles due to a high bottomhole temperature of 165ºC and a formation pressure coefficient up to 2.1.

However, successful and efficient drilling of the well was realized, thanks to high pumping pressure and large displacement, optimized drilling parameters, the HTHP KDF water-based drilling fluid system and PDC drilling bits.

Drilling and completion of well Moshen-1 have not only resulted in significant geologic discovery, but will also promote the progress of China's ultra-deep well drilling.