Shell Taps PowerQuick for N. Sea Deployment

PowerQuick, Inc. announced today that their PowerQuick ascender was awarded ATEX certification, making it the first powered climbing device to be approved for use in hazardous environments. The testing was conducted by TRL Compliance, Ltd., West Lancashire, UK with financial support and technical assistance from Shell U.K. Limited who is deploying the devices on offshore platforms in the North Sea; however they expect the technology to quickly spread throughout the oil industry. 

The PowerQuick Powered Ascender operates like a personal elevator. It allows personnel to work at heights or below ground as in rescue or below platform operations with greater safety and less fatigue. This reduces chances of injury or death form accidental falls. To use the PowerQuick ascender simply attach the unit directly to the climbing rope, attach it to theclimbing harness, then pull the trigger, and up you go. Unlike standard winches, the PowerQuick system literally climbs the length of the rope instead of collecting the rope around a capstan. The PQ-500 is rated for 500 pounds so it can lift personnel and/or equipment at a speed of 0.7ft/second (.22m/sec). It also has a remote control and works with standard climbing equipment.

Shell will use the ascender initially for maintenance of offshore platforms.