Petrobras Makes Huge Gas Discovery in Santos Basin

Petrobras confirms that it has made the largest gas discovery ever in the Brazilian continental shelf, with reserves of about 70 billion cubic meters or roughly 440 million barrels of oil-equivalent, increasing proven natural gas reserves by about 30%, which today is about 231 billion cubic meters.

The discharge test was completed on April 28, in the 1-SPS-35 well, located 137 km off the coast of Sao Paulo, in the BS-400 block, of the Santos basin, at a water depth of 485 meters.

In addition to the significant volumes of gas, the discovery presents an additional importance because of its outstanding location, near the State of Sao Paulo which is one of the largest consumer markets in Southeast Brazil.

The well was drilled to the final depth of 4,956 meters and recorded the occurrence of 100 meters of sandy gas reservoirs, which, in discharge tests, produced roughly 700 thousand cubic meters per day of gas and roughly 600 barrels per day of condensed (light hydrocarbon) indicating a gas production potential higher than 3 million cubic meters per day in the 1-SPS-35 well.