Jericho Finalizes Name, Ticker Symbol

Jericho Energy Company, Inc., formerly Centire International, Inc., announced that effective at the open of business July 18, 2008, the Company began trading under their new corporate name, Jericho Energy Company, Inc., along with its new ticker symbol JECI.

Jericho's Chief Operating Officer and President, Russell Hilbourn, stated, "We at Jericho Energy have been waiting patiently for our corporate name and ticker change to become official. We want to assure our shareholders that during this waiting period the company has been anything but dormant and accomplished many important tasks behind the scenes.

"Our most recent accomplishment was getting 'current information' status on pink sheets, which is the highest rating there is for a pink sheet company. Having this rating is extremely important for maximizing shareholder value because investors are more comfortable investing in a company that has full disclosure. These are exciting times at Jericho Energy and we look forward to sharing many more of our recent accomplishments with our loyal shareholders in the near future."