Peak Well Reels in Contract to Supply UHD Fishing Tool Package

Specialist wireline tool manufacturer, Peak Well Services, was awarded a £550,000 contract to supply Qserv with a comprehensive ultra heavy duty (UHD) fishing tool package.

The order covers the provision of UHD toolstrings, wire and cable recovery equipment, standard and non-standard downhole tool recovery components and debris recovery and removal systems. This consignment has added heavy-duty wireline fishing to Qserv’s repertoire, which is a service offered by only one other major operator.

To ensure the innovative equipment is used correctly and efficiently, Peak Well Services will conduct an in-depth theoretical and practical training program for Qserv's staff. Through detailed and interactive animations of all the complex tooling, those operating the technology will be given a clear idea of how it is constructed and operates effectively downhole.

Qserv will also benefit from a three-tier engineering and fishing support structure which is provided as part of the contract. This encompasses round-the-clock technical assistance for the UHD tool range, expert recommendations on fishing operations and a 24 hour tool design, manufacture and rapid response service which will provide the company with the bespoke tooling required to react quickly to any unforeseen circumstances.

Director of Peak Well Services, Kim Gardiner, said, "To secure such a significant contract from an established service provider like Qserv is a testament to our technical capabilities and tool offering. Through a series of in-depth meetings and discussions with the company, we were able to ascertain exactly what they were looking for and have now provided the business with a tool package that rivals the most advanced in the industry.

"We have only recently launched our Aberdeen office and this award marks what has been an incredible start to our North Sea introduction. Our team have been working extremely hard and we have had significant interest from a number of major operators in the region. I am confident that this award is a sign of things to come."

Qserv well services Director, Ciaran Dreelan, added, "Establishing a relationship and working with Peak Well Services has been very beneficial for us. UHD fishing is an area that we are looking to expand our operations in and the technology provided will allow us to do this. The tool package includes some of the most advanced fishing equipment on offer and I am confident it will significantly improve our quality service offering.

"I am also very pleased with the company’s follow-on service. Ensuring that our staff fully understands the equipment allows us to increase efficiency for our customers and ensure safety levels on a job remain at the highest levels. Being able to contact Peak Well Services at any time will help to avoid any technical difficulties and its rapid response team has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions in a short time period."