Intersoft, Logica Systems Introduce Muster System in GOM O&G Industry

Intersoft Corporation technology is used in the first-of-its-kind rapid personnel muster system in the Gulf of Mexico's oil and gas industry. A major oil and gas company uses personnel logistics software by Logica Systems Inc., and Intersoft Corporation's RFID hardware to manage the arrivals, departures and emergency muster of personnel at several deep water platforms in the GOM about 200 miles south of New Orleans.

Upon arrival at the facility, personnel receive Intersoft's FOBBRO tags. During muster, personnel pass their tags across Intersoft's TRR01WM readers. Real-time muster activity appears on a computer monitor in the facility's command center and the logistics officer quickly identifies any missing personnel.

The custom readers, some housed in a Class 1 explosion-proof enclosure, provide all the functions necessary to identify the tags presented and provide visual acknowledgment of monitoring. Multiple readers communicate with a single computer via a reliable RS485 serial interface.