COOEC Inks First Foreign Crane Fabrication Contract in the Netherlands

On July 3, 2008, COOEC signed the first foreign large-scale crane equipment fabrication contract with Netherlands Gusto Company, and will undertake construction work on the three major key parts of the 5,000t crane, such as the base ring, rotating platform and main switch room. The project intends is due to reach completion in Tanggu fabrication yard in 2009.

The project's high-strength special steel welding with high-level technology is one of the difficult problems in the field of welding all over the world, and one in which COOEC has stepped forward to overcome. The implementation of this project is not only an important step for COOEC to improve the industry chain and carry on a "two-wing (downstream and deepwater)" development strategy, but also a significant measure to promote related diversified development based on the main industry.

COOEC will explore advanced special steel welding technology as soon as possible with the backing of 5,000t crane equipment fabrication project in order to rapidly dominate the market and effectively enhance the international competitiveness of the Company.