WoollyButt Hits Bulls-Eye at 12,000 BOPD

Tap Oil Limited has advised that production from the Woollybutt field, which now includes the Woollybutt South lobe, has reached 12,000 bopd.


The Woollybutt field located in permit WA-25-L includes the previously drilled Woollybutt and Scalybutt wells and the recently commissioned Woollybutt 4H Development well.


Production from the Woollybutt field recommenced on 13th June 2008. Since that date production from the Woollybutt South lobe has been brought on stream via the Woollybutt 4H well. The production levels for the greater Woollybutt field is currently 12,000 bopd. Production from the field will continue to be optimized and is now expected to proceed in accordance with normal facility uptime and operating conditions.

Achieving a production level of 12,000 bopd demonstrates a successful conclusion to the Woollybutt South Development project. This development has resulted in the increase of the ultimate reserves of Woollybutt to approximately 40 MMbbls of which 29 MMbbls have been produced to date.

WA-25- L Joint Venture Participants:

  • Tap West Pty Ltd 15%
  • Eni Australia Ltd (Operator) 65%
  • Mobil Australia Resource Co Pty Ltd 20%