Spectrum Energy Wins Seismic Contract in Oman

Spectrum Energy and Information Technology has signed a 6-year exclusive agreement with Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamed Bin Saif Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas, Sultanate of Oman for the reprocessing of existing data and acquisition of new seismic, gravity and magnetic data along Oman's Arabian Sea coastline.

The project will commence with the reprocessing of 6000 kilometers of existing 2-D seismic, from the Oman/Yemen border in the south, to the Sur peninsula at the eastern end of the Gulf of Oman. Following this, Spectrum will acquire 12,000 kilometers of new regional 2-D seismic, gravity and magnetic data long the same coastline. The survey will tie all wells drilled by previous operators and extend out to the 3000 meter bathymetric contour. All processing and reprocessing will be undertaken by Spectrum at their U.K. center. A full interpretation study and hydrocarbon potential report will follow the new data processing, which will then permit the re-designation of block boundaries prior to the area being offered to industry in an international bidding round.