Oilex Ready to Test Cambay-19Z, to Spud Cambay-73

Oilex has advised that drilling and testing operations are in progress at two locations in the Cambay Field, Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India. Preparations are being made to conduct drillstem tests (DST's) at Cambay-19Z and rigging up operations in preparation for spudding of the well are in train at Cambay-73 (renamed from Cambay-34Z) location. The following table gives a summary of current and planned operations.


  • Objectives: Primary: Oligocene OS II - gas
  • Eocene EP III and EP IV - oil
  • Secondary: Basal EP IV - oil
  • Miocene Basal Sandstone - gas
  • Deccan Fractured Basement - oil

The drilling rig has demobilized from location after suspending the well on completion of DST #1. Site preparation for the introduction of a smaller, cost-effective workover rig to conduct DST's #2 (Basal EP IV sandstone), #3 (EP III and EP IV) and #4 (OS II) is under way. The workover rig has been contracted and is
expected to be on site within the next two weeks.

DST #2 will be carried out over an interval of 16 meters of potential oil pay below the zone that was tested by DST #1.

DST #3 will be conducted over an interval of about 23 metres at the EP III and EP IV where good gas shows were recorded while drilling and the zone is expected to flow oil by analogy with other wells on the Western High Block of Cambay Field.

DST #4 will be conducted at the shallower level of the OS II reservoir unit depending on the results of the DST's at the  deeper levels. Strong gas shows were recorded at the OS II level while drilling. In the event that the well is retained as an oil producer, the OS II will not be tested in this well.

DST #1 successfully flowed oil to surface at a rate of over 800 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) for the first hour of the test and later stabilized at a rate of 120 BOPD on 1' choke during the final phase of the 32 hour flow period. No formation water has been produced with the oil which is 410- 430 API gravity.

The Basal EP IV zone is present in at least three old wells on the Western High Block. These old wells were either not tested or were poorly evaluated and appear to have a similar log response to the zone that was successfully tested in Cambay-19Z. Preliminary indications from seismic and the analogous well logs
are that the Basal EP IV may extend across the Western High Block.


  • Objectives: Primary: Oligocene OS II - gas
  • Eocene EP III and EP IV - oil
  • Basal EP IV - oil
  • Secondary: Miocene Basal Sandstone - gas
  • Deccan Fractured Basement - oil

The drilling rig has arrived on location at Cambay-73 and is rigging up in preparation for spudding of the well. The location is the first of a series of new locations that do not involve drilling from existing old well locations and the well will be drilled vertically rather than as a directional hole as was the case for Cambay-23Z and Cambay-19Z thereby reducing the time and cost taken to reach to Total Depth (TD).

The location of Cambay-73 has been selected to drill the OS II and EP III-IV primary objectives on the eastern side of the fault that separates the Western High Block from the Basin Gas Area. It is anticipated that both zones will be gas nearing in this well.

The well is also designed to intersect the Basal EP IV oil zone on the Western High Block at a favorable location.

Participants in the Cambay Production Sharing Contract are: Joint Venture Party Participating Interest, Oilex Ltd (Operator) 30%; Oilex NL Holdings (India) Limited (100% owned by Oilex 15%
Ltd); and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation 55%.