Norway's Production Rides High for May 2008

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate released the production levels for the month of May 2008. The average daily production was about 2,177,000 barrels of oil, about 304 000 barrels of NGL and about 70,000 barrels of condensate, a total of 2,550,000 barrels of liquid.

In May, 20.2 million standard cubic meters of oil equivalents were produced, which is 1.3 million Sm3 o.e. higher than in May 2007.

Snohvit field was closed 3 weeks ago, according to plan.

So far this year the average daily production has been just above 2.1 million barrels of oil and the total production is approximately 104.4 million Sm3 o.e, this is 2.1 million Sm3 o.e., higher than last year.

Preliminary production figures for June 2008 show an average daily production of about 1.930 million barrels of oil and 0.272 million barrels of NGL and condensate.

Several fields have been closed due to planned maintenance in June.

Final figures will be available in the beginning of August 2008.