Titan Hires Well Service Companies to Manage Wells in Crows Run Field

Titan Oil and Gas Inc. has retained Getty Well Service and Petroleum Service Partners to start work in the first week of August. Both well service companies will be working in concert to rework and perform maintenance on all of the Crows Run Oil and Gas Field wells in Western Pennsylvania. The affect of their services will be profound targeted to bring all 61 wells online from the 27 that are currently producing. The rework is projected to increase production at the field from 72.9 BBL/1,950 MMBTU per month to 2,287.5 BBL/ 7,930 MMBTU per month after all wells are serviced. Each well rework will take 1-2 days on average to complete.

GWS will be responsible for the reworking and maintenance of wells, including the removal of paraffin buildup which has caused a substantial reduction in each wells production. They will also provide replacements for any of the pumpjacks parts and other equipment that might be worn or broken. PSP will start serving as the operator on the Crows Run Oil and Gas field once operations commence. Their work includes assembling the gas pipeline and providing and maintaining compressors as needed. PSP will also distribute oil and gas revenues to the various entities as these are sold off to gas purchasers and Ergon Oil.

"Dennis Getty and Chuck Brown have been doing work on the wells in the region for over seventeen years and know this area quite well," according to Titan Oil and Gas President Brandon Toth. "The information we received from both companies was invaluable as we considered the acquisition and have continued to be helpful as we execute our plan for the Crows Run Field."