Revus to Recover after Heather Platform's Maintenance

Preliminary production numbers for 2Q 2008 show an average daily production net to Revus of 5,445 boepd. This is 15.6% below earlier guidance of 6,450 boepd.

The main reason for this shortfall is two unplanned shut-downs of the Broom production due to technical
problems on the Heather platform, which receives the Broom production. Efforts have been made to increase production up-time for the future during the planned maintenance stop on Heather in June.

There are no indications that the underlying reservoir potential of the field is reduced and it is therefore expected that these reserves will be recovered at a later stage.


The average production for the first half of 2008 is 5,682 boepd, which is 7.5% below guidance. Current daily production is in the order of +/- 7,000 boepd with a well potential of approximately 8,000 boepd assuming full regularity of facilities. Based on the actual production in first half and current forecast for second half, the guiding for 2008 production is reduced from 6,600 boepd to 6,400 boepd.