Transocean to Participate in Corporate Eco Forum

Transocean recently became a member of the Corporate Eco Forum, an invitation-only group comprised of companies who have “demonstrated a seriousness of purpose around the environment as a business strategy,” underscoring the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

 “The invitation to participate in the Corporate Eco Forum is a great testament to our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and the company’s leadership position in this arena compared to our peers,” said Adrian Rose, Transocean’s VP of QHSE.

“Better yet, the Forum will provide further opportunity for Transocean to engage in discussion on environmental responsibility and to continue to build external relationships with our stakeholders and peers.”
Adds Ian Hudson, Corporate Environmental Manager: “We look forward to hearing how some of the most recognized ‘green companies’ in the world achieve their success.” 
For example, the new Forum launches a conference in San Francisco this September, bringing together leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to synthesize the most important actionable, best-practice insights on eco-strategy execution and green ROI (Return on Investment).
The participants at this meeting are proven to take the environment seriously. Invitees are chosen based on their company’s commitment to sustainability practices and their ability to contribute case studies of real-world experience to the forum discussions.
As the Corporate Eco Forum grows, Transocean plans to play a role in the development of this exciting new group. As a member, and in addition to the Forum in September, Transocean will participate in a range of research and knowledge sharing exercises designed to better place the company’s activities in a more informed environmental context while building new relationships.