Cue Sidetracks Cobra-1A Well

Cue Energy Resources reported that PPL190 participants have decided to sidetrack the Cobra-1A well. Operations have been completed on Cobra-1A well and activity has commenced to drill the Cobra-1AST1. The BOP test had been completed and preparations were underway to RIH and kick-off the sidetrack.

Since the last release the operator Oil Search has successfully recovered the wireline logging tool and completed logging operations to the well total depth of 3202m. The deeper Iagifu Sandstone is interpreted to be water-bearing.
Interpretation of the log data has indicated that the shallower Hedinia Sandstone may contain a significant hydrocarbon column. Due to suspected formation damage, it was not possible to obtain reliable pressure measurements in the potential reservoir interval to confirm this interpretation. It was therefore decided to drill a short sidetrack to obtain a fresh hole through the Hedinia Sandstone and undertake further evaluation.
Cobra -1A is located in PPL 190 and lies 13 kilometers east of the SE Gobe oil field and 7 kilometers east of the Bilip oil discovery.