Grey Wolf Plans Tie-In for Horizontal Well in Alberta

Grey Wolf Exploration Inc. announced that its first 100% working interest (W.I.) horizontal well in the Pouce Coupe area of Alberta at 1-27-77-11 W6M has been drilled to total depth of 2,955 meters with minimal problems.

Isolation packers were successfully installed in the 885 meter horizontal section of the hole. The Company is encouraged with the potential of the well, due to gas shows encountered while drilling. Completion is planned to take place in the very near future utilizing five fracs in the 100 tonne range. Results should be known in approximately three weeks. As this well has been drilled from an existing surface location that has all necessary facilities and infrastructure, it can be quickly tied-in and placed on production.

Grey Wolf is in the process of licensing four additional horizontal wells in the Pouce Coupe area (100% W.I.) and a partner has licensed a fifth horizontal well (Grey Wolf 50% W.I.) in the Area.