DOF Subsea Adds Advanced Subsea Construction Vessel to Lineup

DOF Subsea ASA took delivery of the world's largest and most advanced subsea construction vessel in its class, the Skandi Acergy.

The vessel which is an impressive 157 meters length by 27 meters breadth, is designed to work in water depths of more than 3,000 meters.  She will now commence an 8-year charter for Acergy, her first job being on the Norwegian shelf.

Skandi Acergy is equipped for DP-III operations which delivers enhanced safety as one of the machinery compartments can be flooded or under fire without forcing the vessel out of service. She is also equipped with a large offshore crane, with 400 tons lifting capacity. The crane installations weigh more than a typical North Sea Platform Supply Vessel.

Skandi Acergy has three moonpools and the largest is the work moonpool in the ship's center. The two smaller moonpools are situated inside the ROV hangar, one port and one starboard. The enclosed ROV hangar provides shelter for the crew operating and serving the ROVs.

Skandi Acergy has a maximum speed of 18 knots. Equipped astern with two azimuth propellers and one controllable pitch propeller she is set for various weather and operating conditions.

Skandi Acergy was constructed according to today's environmental standards with DNV clean design class as well as catalysators. The hull's design is among the most effective ever built for a vessel of this kind and in extended sea keeping model tests the hull resistance was 30% better than today's average.