Petrobras' Production Platforms Stay Strong During Campos Strike

Petrobras has announced with respect to the strike in the Campos Basin, initiated today, that:

  • It has activated its Contingency Plan to ensure the operational continuity of the company, the safety of its operations and the supply of the market.
  • Out of a total of 38 production platforms in the Campos Basin, only two are completely idle. Up to noon today, output was down by 136 thousand barrels/day (about 7% of Brazilian output), with no impact on fuel supplies to the consumer.
  • The drilling platforms are working normally.
  • On Saturday, before the labor stoppage began at the turn of midnight this Monday, the Rio de Janeiro Regional Labor Court issued an injunction in favor of Petrobras, determining that the installations could not be occupied, that the striking employees should disembark and that those wishing to work should be free to access the installations.
  • Company management would particularly like to point out that the negotiating table remains the most appropriate medium for maintaining a good working relationship between the company, its workforce and the labor unions.