BNP Undertakes Completion Work, Plans 6 Wells for Jensen Area

BNP Resources Inc. announced their operations updates. BNP's work in the Jensen area was interrupted earlier this year by an early breakup and a wet spring. BNP is pleased to advise that additional completion work on the deeper zones in the 5-4-3-20 W4M well has been undertaken. Swab results recovered light oil (34 API) from a new zone downhole. The zone is currently being evaluated. This is a potential new light oil zone beneath the existing Madison oil discovery.

BNP is in the process of completing some work on the Madison oil producer at 16-5-3-20 W4M to enhance daily oil production rates. Initial results are encouraging and will be released soon.

BNP has acquired surface access approvals for 6 additional wells in the Jensen pool. The first well has been licensed. Drilling is expected to commence in mid July. The plan is to have all 6 additional BNP 100% wellsdrilled prior to year end in the Jensen pool.

BNP is in the process of tying in the Madison oil well 2-8-3-20 W4M at Jensen. Pipeline right of ways have also been approved for the additional drilling planned for 2008.

In South Central Alberta BNP has tied-in and/or equipped 5 BNP wells since spring breakup, all 100% BNP, for an additional initial production add of over 100 boep/d. Several BNP wells have uphole potential that have yet to be evaluated. Exploitation of these opportunities and additional tie-ins continues. BNP will further report on production increases as information becomes available.