OGDC Partners with US Organization to Oversee Drilling Barge Construction

Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited (OGDC) has formed an effective partnership with a leading United States investment and merchant banking organization to project manage the design, fabrication and construction of newbuild Swamp Drilling Barges complete with leading edge innovative drilling technology to capture the oil reserves located in the challenging oilfields located under swamp regions.

OGDC and its investor partners are committed to seeing these projects through to realization and work has already started carrying out a gap analysis identifying and securing suitable facilities to construct the units on a lump sum turnkey basis. OGDC is currently identifying potential shipyards across the world including facilities in Scotland and Ireland as it has been agreed by the partners that this project will not be awarded on the basis of cheapest option but on commitment to deliver good quality vessels on time and against an agreed budget, while being cognizant of the fact that shipyards in Scotland and Ireland have an excellent reputation for the quality of completed vessels that they deliver.

After much market research OGDC identified that there is a significant void in swamp drilling barge market as the average age of the tender assisted swamp barges is over 25 years old and do not carry the new drilling technology that will allow operators to capture significantly more oil from these challenging oilfields, extending the life-time and revenue generating capability of the fields.

The new builds will be conventional drilling barges fitted with 3000hp drilling capacity equipment complete with full electronic monitoring of drilling operations. Virtually all of the parameters of the barge will be monitored by the system. The monitoring shall be electronically stored and will provide the client with a comprehensive database upon well completion. The information can be monitored in real-time from virtually any location via satellite connection to an internet website, allowing the operator to log in into the rig system reducing the time and cost of communications to the customer.

The units are designed with a transit daft of two meters or less. The mud handling and processing systems will consist of circular tanks to aid improved mixing capabilities, eliminating the build in corners of square tanks, creating better shearing capabilities. Crane capacity will be increased to accommodate the heaviest project lift during all phases of the drilling operations.