Universal Domains Increases Production from Puckett Field

Universal Domains has completed a successful workover operation on one of its newly acquired wells in Puckett Field, Rankin County, Mississippi. A recompletion workover operation was performed on the Allen 13-9 A-1 well resulting in improvement in production from 8 barrels of oil per day to 70 barrels of oil per day. UDCCF’s consultants have determined that the optimum production rate to be 50 bopd.

Utilizing a Schlumberger cased hole tool designed to analyze remaining hydrocarbon reserves, the company selected a previous produced zone at 7950 ft in the well for recompletion. This zone originally had a 24-foot oil column and had produced over 125,000 barrels of oil. The analytical cased hole log indicated that there was six to eight feet of oil remaining that company consultants believe could yet yield another 50,000 barrels of oil. In this workover operation, the company proceeded to isolate all other zones in the well and perforated the zone from 7957-7962 ft. Initial test results over the last four days have resulted in production from 70 to 84 barrels of oil per day, plus an un-estimated amount of gas. Total workover costs on the project were under budget, or less than $20,000.

A current study of the well also revealed several unproduced gas zones in the well, which will be targeted for future completions. The formations under the leases acquired by Universal Domains, have produced from 38-different zones. Studies indicate that many of the zones have significant amounts of unproduced oil and/or gas reserves and that deeper drilling will encounter new zones, as yet untapped.

Mr. Frank James states: "The Puckett field with multiple production zones presents numerous opportunities for successful workovers as well as drilling for new virgin pay sands .This current workover demonstrates the unlimited possibilities of the field."

The company is planning on moving on a second well out of the nineteen potential workover target wells in total within the next ten days for another workover operation.