West Energy Hopeful at Nisku Oil Well

West Energy Ltd. announced that the Company operated well located at West Pembina 09-01-050- 6W5 has been cased as a potential Nisku oil well.

The 9-1 well was spudded June 18, 2008, targeting a large Nisku seismic anomalyin the Crossfire area. An analysis of both the openhole logs and wellsitegeologic strip log indicate a 33 meter porous dolomite Nisku reef with an 18 meter hydrocarbon column. The porosity in the Nisku zone at 9-1 is similar to the Company's prolific Nisku oil well at 13-2-50-6W5 located approximately 2.0 miles to the west. The 9-1 well has been cased and the drilling rig released. Completion operations and flow testing of the Nisku zone will commence prior to the end of July.

West is paying 75.0% of the drilling and completion costs and will have a 67.5% working interest in the wellsite facilities and production. Following completion and testing, the Company will tie-in the 9-1 well into the wholly owned Crossfire battery located at 13-02-050-06W5. West has designed facilities, surveyed the pipeline right-of-way, obtained a construction permit and procured long lead equipment to expedite the well tie-in. Current plans are for the 9-1 well to be on stream before the end of the third quarter.

Success at the 9-1 well validates the geological and geophysical concept developed by West's technical team and confirms a number of subsequent Nisku development and exploration drilling opportunities on Company owned lands in the Crossfire area.