IHS, Energistics Roll out First-Ever Standardized Well ID Service

IHS Inc. and Energistics have announced the launch of a service that delivers an industry standard for global unique well identifiers (GUWI) for all known oil and gas wells outside North America. 

Until now, no standardized well identifier existed, and because many wells have multiple naming conventions and different phonetic spellings, oil companies, service companies, governments and regulatory agencies often found it almost impossible to cross-reference information. The new IHS/Energistics GUWI service delivers the first-ever common method for identifying wells, saving companies substantial time and money when trying to find and match well data from multiple sources based on varying criteria.

With the ever-increasing need to consume and integrate multiple types of well-centric data, a common system for identification has become essential to oil and gas operators. Though IHS has provided unique well identification services to customers since the 1990s, this new offering provides a more formal platform and is readily available to the industry as a whole in order to ensure comprehensive global coverage and universal usage.
Energistics worked with IHS on behalf of an industry work group comprised of representatives from major oil companies, including IHS customers, and oil service providers to create and launch the new service.
"As oil and gas companies continue to expand their global operations, a significant challenge is reconciling the diverse well identifications from around the world in the company's technical and financial databases," said Bob Stevenson, vice president energy critical information, IHS. "The IHS/Energistics GUWI service is designed so that no oil company, service company or data vendor is precluded from obtaining a standard well identifier. Energistics has a long history of serving the industry and working for open standards, and we are pleased to have collaborated with them to develop this service."
The IHS/Energistics Global Unique Well Identifier service consists of three parts:
  • Well Registration Service, which provides an IHS GUWI to each new wellbore record, available to IHS clients and non-clients alike
  • Well Matching Service, which provides the IHS GUWI for companies' existing wellbore records, available to IHS clients and non-clients alike
  • The Master Well Index, an IHS proprietary dataset containing the GUWI and associated meta-data for all its U.S., Canadian and international wells, available to IHS clients