AMEC Chief Executive Advises on Potential Growth for UK Energy Sector

Samir Brikho, Chief Executive of AMEC plc, has addressed the World Petroleum Congress in Madrid on how the UK energy sector can enhance its international reputation and attract investment and trade that will create jobs, revenue growth and better customer satisfaction.

The UK energy sector has an opportunity to position itself as a major force on the world energy scene and for UK energy companies to grow their domestic and international revenues from $180 billion today to $400 billion by 2030, said Samir Brikho.
Employee numbers in the sector could grow from 600,000 to one million by building on the proven strengths such as project management and engineering capabilities as well as a track record in the design, manufacture and installation of advanced technology, he said.
Brikho is Chairman of the Government's UK Energy Excellence Group, which promotes Britain as a destination of choice for energy trade and investment.