Production at Eni's Main Pass 270 Shut-in

Petsec Energy announced that its Main Pass 270 field in the Gulf of Mexico briefly resumed production on June 24, 2008. Two wells were flowing at reduced rates while bringing the third well into production downstream when a third party operator discovered a leak in its pipeline at the Main Pass 133 platform. All upstream production, including Eni's Main Pass 270 field, is now shut in due to the leak. 

Production from Main Pass 270 flows by pipeline to Main Pass 133 where the oil and gas are separated and commingled with production from other fields and delivered into respective sales lines. The previous interruption was caused by a blockage in the downstream oil sales trunkline. The pipeline operator redirected production around the blockage in the downstream sales line to resolve that problem.
The newly discovered leak is above the water in the oil sales line leaving the Main Pass 133 platform. The operator is currently inspecting the line and determining how best to fix the leak. Until additional information is received, Petsec cannot announce a timeline for production to recommence.
Eni Petrolum US LLC holds a 75% stake in Main Pass Blocok 270 and Petsec Energy holds the remaining 25%.