Oilex Pleased with Cambay-19Z Results

Oilex advised that preliminary results from the first drillstem test at the level of the basal sand secondary objective in the Cambay-19Z appraisal well are now available.

The well has flowed oil to surface from the interval 1,966 meters to 1,972 meters at an average initial rate over a period of 16.5 hours of approximately 180 barrels per day on 1' choke at a flowing pressure of 30 psi. No formation water was produced during the test and the qualitative assessment of the oil, pending laboratory analysis is that it is a light, sweet crude of API gravity about 350-400with a low wax content.

The well has been shut in to record pressure buildup data. The next phase of testing may involve adding up to 12 meters of deeper prospective zones that have a similar log response to the initial 6 meter test interval.

Oilex is very pleased with the initial results of the first oil flow to surface in Cambay-19Z and the first oil flow from this zone in the entire Cambay block. The well has confirmed the prospectively of the deeper targets over the area of the Western High Block located in Gujarat, India.

The basal sandstone was a secondary objective in this well. It has been drilled in few of the previous Cambay wells and the Joint Venture has considered this to be a promising exploration target in the Western High area of the Cambay block.

Further evaluation of the future production potential of this zone will be carried out in two of the four wells remaining in the current drilling program.

In these cases, the wells will be designed to maximize the flow rate potential from the basal sand that will become a primary objective.

On conclusion of the test of the basal sand, the EP III and EP IV primary objectives will be tested over a gross interval of 34 meters between 1,764 meters to 1,798 meters. These zones exhibited good gas shows while drilling.

Participants in the Cambay Production Sharing Contract are Oilex (30%), Oilex NL Holdings (India) Limited (15%) and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (55%).